Keeping cannabis products organized is an important and often overlooked aspect of the industry. Regardless of whether you’re a business owner selling products or a consumer who loves to sample multiple strains at home, there’s always a need to label each individual product. Stickers help keep cannabis consumption enjoyable – especially when it comes to edibles. Avid and amateur cannabis chefs alike make sure to label their THC-infused goodies. A trusted and convenient option for cannabis-friendly labels are #Stashtags from Sticky Weed Sticker Company. #Stashtags are small stickers that are perfect for labeling cannabis products.

Avoid Accidental Highs with Stickers

THC is great! But not necessarily all the time. Even though cannabis is becoming more mainstream, most adults wouldn’t think twice or ask about the potential for THC before munching a cookie at their friend’s house. An unlabeled THC-infused treat could catapult the unsuspecting consumer into an hours-long, unwanted, stoned adventure. Stickers help you avoid this scenario and keep friends and loved ones from accidentally consuming THC.

Keep Kids Safe

Let’s face it — Kids try and get into EVERYTHING. Responsible cannabis consumers need to make sure kids stay away from weed. There’s no doubt THC-infused products should always stay under lock and key, but in the event a child gets access to edibles or any other cannabis product, a sticker with a stop sign and “NO KIDS” written in bold lettering can help parents and guardians avoid a dangerous situation.

Remember Your Strains

So, you just finished baking all things delicious and cannabis-infused: brownies, cookies, gummies, even some pancakes for your Sunday morning wake-and-bake sesh. You worked so hard! It’s easy to mix up or forget which strain you added to each recipe. Labeling the edibles with pre-named stickers makes it easy to remember indicas, sativas, hybrids, and CBD-only goods. Since each strain causes different effects, it would be near tragedy if you forgot which strain you put in each confection. Easy-to-use stickers are the perfect way to stay organized in the fast-paced cannabis industry!