Since vaping technology came onto the scene, everyone has been touting its benefits over smoking. While individual anecdotal evidence from consumers alike tells us vaping gets you higher and is better for you, the science hasn’t been as clear.

A recent study might help point us in the right direction. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University looked into the effects of vaping on cognition, cardiovascular function, and psychomotor skills compared to the effects of smoking traditional flower.

What Did the Study Look at?

The study used participants who were considered to be infrequent marijuana consumers, which meant they hadn’t used cannabis in the last month and they were able to pass a urine drug screen. During the study, the participants had to both smoke and vape cannabis. They did three sessions of vaping cannabis and three sessions of smoking. They were exposed to different levels of THC in the different sessions, and neither the participants nor the researchers were allowed to know the dosage or method of consumption used.

They found that after the participants had vaped cannabis, they experienced stronger effects. They found stronger subjective psychoactive effects reported, higher concentrations of THC in the blood, impaired cognitive and psychomotor functions, and increased heart rates.

Further Research Directions

While one study can’t provide a definitive answer, it’s an important finding. As both tobacco and marijuana vaping sweep the nation, knowing exactly what vaping does to our bodies will be extremely important. Further research is required to get a more well-rounded idea of how vaping affects us differently than smoking. Since it’s a relatively new technology, more questions will come up surrounding THC potency, extraction methods, and other ingredients used to make the products. The more information we have, the better

The cannabis industry is constantly changing, and informed consumers will want to keep their eye out for new research findings on consumption methods, ingredients, and new technology and products.