Our Vision

We encourage you open the conversation about usage and to educate new users as well as provide a safer and more enjoyable experience.

We believe everyone should know what strain they are consuming. A #stashtag can help prevents someone from consuming a strain that that might not agree with them. Would you want to try a strain that will mellow you out when you are already tired and still need to be active? What if you need to go to sleep and you consume a strain that will keep your mind active?

We believe everyone should know which products have THC. Some people should not consume THC for a variety of reasons. What if someone unknowingly consumes THC and does not pass their drug test? What if a child consumes THC because it was not marked and not properly keep out of their hands? We believe this will become more of an issue as the industry grows.

We believe everyone should be informed about the recommended dosage including how to properly use different delivery systems (Dosage, Strength, Serving). This knowledge helps prevent someone from having a bad experience.


  • The #420-3X can be placed on a card and used on a serving tray.
  • Share and trade your #stashtags!
  • “Ask before you partake”
  • “Inform when you offer”
  • #stashtags makes great gifts!
  • Application instructions: For best results surface must be clean and dry, bend edge away to expose sticker edge, avoid touching adhesive, a knife or razor can be used to remove sticker from sheet, place sticker in location starting on one edge and smooth across to prevent bubbles or wrinkles.  If this occurs peal back and re-apply.  Rub until adhesive is firmly in place.
  • For writeable #stashtags a ball point pen or fine point marker works best.


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Health Effects of Marijuana

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Smoking vs Vaping

THC Absorption Method

Cannabis Boiling Point

Edibles Dosing Guide

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